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Uitzending 188, MEERtv
uitgezonden op 15 / 22 / 29 april, 2006



Waterproof (19 min 44)
Waterproof is a debut film conceived by Hermine Schneider. She was assisted by Raymond Hartman (camera), Karolien van Gent (actor) and Fredrike de Winter (percussion).

A composition for sound and vision created by Hermine Schneider.
Waterproof takes you into another world by filming close-up. The images and sounds are all natural, but they are manipulated by water.
Sometimes the microphone is underwater, transforming the sound of the Chinese gong, the trumpet, and the human voice to a not immediately recognizable music. Flat hands rhythmically striking the surface of the water, and fists hitting the sides of the barrel containing the water, create fantastic waves on the water surface.
You can see the music! Your curiosity is stimulated and the at first unrecognizable become clear.
The music transforms from groovy to minimal sounds, from an emotional melody to very percussive patterns. Trumpets, tubas and percussion are played by Fredrike de Winter and Hermine Schneider.

This is a film to get lost in.

Hermine Schneider completed her studies (trumpet) at the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam in 1993. She plays in various jazz groups as well as in such musically diverse bands such as "Perfume de Salsa" and "The Utrecht Deep Artment", the music theater groups "Timbila" and "Dogtroep", and her own band "The Hermini's".
She has performed in "The Smile" by Henry Miller, a performance by the Theater group ACTO, "Instituto de arte dramatica" from Portugal. She is a composer for theatre, film and bands in several styles.


Skyearth (12 min 2)
Rona Rangsch

The skyearth-motifs are collages of photographs of cosmic objects like star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. Those were arranged to form structures which remind of islands and whole continents and together build up sort of a map.
Emphasized by the chosen perspective, the observer has the impression of looking from an aeroplane or a spaceshuttle onto an earthlike planet at night - the cosmic light phenomena now looking like the luminous structures of civilization.
The video consists of sequences of circle flights above the nocturnal landscapes. The sound originates in the computer on which the video was created and reminds of the noise from an engine.

Deze film maakt deel uit van de expositie ‘Landscapes’, scapes of perception.
Groepstentoonstelling in de kelder van Babel, Oudenoord 275, Utrecht.
Te zien t/m 23 april.

Tien kunstenaars hebben veelal werk voor de locatie gemaakt waarbij men niet zozeer gericht was op het presenteren van een overzichtsvorm dan wel op het laten zien van fragmenten, momenten of verschillende invalshoeken. Een landschap is iets waar je onderdeel van kunt zijn, steeds het één in verhouding tot het ander, in betrekking tot het ander. Verhoudingen veranderen naarmate je je door het landschap beweegt. De oriëntatie is aan de bezoeker en dit persoonlijke proces maakt deel uit van het getoonde werk.
Citaat van J.C.J. Vanderheyden: ‘Als wij andere hersens hadden, dan hadden wij ook een ander heelal’.





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